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Directissime Jacket

Directissime Jacket

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Designed for the mountains and all the activities that go along. The jacket is optimized for your mountaineering projects, your long backcountry skiing approaches or to complete the long hike of your dreams.

Technical features

Very high mobility sleeve
Seamless hip panel
Tight fitting hood
Anti-friction zip finish at chin
Harness and backpack compatible pockets


Polartec Alpha Direct 120
62% recycled polyester
YKK #4.5 zips

Type of fit

Technical fit


Synthetic fleeces emit plastic microfibers. These are mainly released during washing like any other synthetic or natural garment.

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We just got our hands on some new rolls of fabric. They will be delivered in early April.

The colors shown are approximate.

Approximate delay: 5 weeks

Special features of the Directissime Jacket

The Directissime is the most direct way to climb a mountain. It is often the most simplified line, with the only goal being to reach the summit. 

The Directissime jacket has one goal: to keep you warm and dry.

Designed with Polartec Alpha Direct insulation. An insulation that still lives in the shadows, originally developed for the US military. It is extremely breathable, but also very insulating. This allows it to be used in the widest range of conditions and temperatures. From cool summer nights, to the -30's of our Quebec winter. 

The construction of the garment will make many jealous, with the most efficient construction on the market (we're not even exaggerating). It offers the greatest range of motion, without the use of elastic panels to compensate for the lack of precision.

These elements create an extremely lightweight, durable, comfortable and high-performance mid-layer.

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